Periodicals on ACORNweb may be accessed using General OneFile at: with a valid library card number. A wide range of sources is available. For purposes of the pathfinder, resources were limited to scholarly and peer-reviewed journals that had full-text versions of the articles available. While ACORNweb does some newspapers and magazines available in print and on microfilm at its Central Library, they are mostly retrospective and on more general topics.

  • Agricultural Research: (ISSN: 0002-161X) Peer-reviewed journal published monthly by the U.S. Government in Langley, VA. Index and full-text available 1991-present.
"A government publication containing reports compiled by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Features research on food, feed, and natural fiber production and use; human nutrition; renewable energy; natural resource conservation, and other agricultural interests." (General OneFile)

  • Alternatives Journal: (ISSN: 1205-7398) Peer-reviewed journal published quarterly by Alternatives, Inc. in Ontario, Canada. Index and full-text available 1996-present.
"An independent, nonprofit magazine focusing on Canadian environmental issues. The publication is the official journal of the Environmental Studies Association of Canada. Contributors are students, scholars, professionals, and activists concerned with the environment, including its social and political dimensions. Issues are theme-based and include refereed feature articles, news reports, commentaries, and reviews. Academic and professional interests." (General OneFile)

  • American Journal of Agricultural Economics: (ISSN: 0002-9092) Peer-reviewed journal published quarterly by Oxford University Press in Oxford, UK. Index available 1981-present, full-text available 1994-present.
"A scholarly journal covering the economics of agriculture, natural resources, and the environment, as well as rural and community development. Articles are usually written by American academics. Also publishes invited papers, conference proceedings, book reviews, comments and replies, and biographies of recent fellows. The May issue carries the proceedings from the annual meeting of the American Agricultural Association (AAA)." (General OneFile)

  • Bioscience: (ISSN: 0006-3568) Peer-reviewed journal published monthly by the American Institute of Biological Sciences in Washington, DC. Index available 1980-present, full-text available 1989-present.
"A peer-reviewed journal publishing original research on all areas of the biological sciences, including animals, plants, humans, and the environment. Coverage includes recent advances in the field, opinion pieces, essays on the teaching of biology, news, legislative developments, and calendars of meetings. Written for a broad audience of professional biologists, biology teachers, and advanced students." (General OneFile)

  • Crop Science: (ISSN: 0011-183X) Peer-reviewed journal published bi-monthly by the Crop Science Society of America in Madison, WI. Index available 1992-present, full-text available 1997-2006.
"The bimonthly official journal of the Crop Science society of America, publishing original research in all aspects of crop science and agriculture. Also publishes critical reviews and perspective papers, as well as crop registrations that have been reviewed by the Crop Registration Committee." (General OneFile)

  • Environment: (ISSN: 0013-9157) Peer-reviewed journal published bi-monthly by Heldref Publications in Washington, DC. Index available 1980-present, full-text available 1992-present.
"A scholarly journal featuring peer-reviewed articles on development and the environment. Features in-depth reviews of policy reports, sustainable development indicators, and guides to further information." (General OneFile)

  • Journal of Soil and Water Conservation: (ISSN: 0022-4561) Peer-reviewed journal published bi-monthly by the Soil and Water Conservation Society in Ankeny, IA. Index available 1992-present, full-text available 1993-1997.
"A journal publishing articles on water resources and how to use them for effective agricultural applications for the academic audience." (General OneFile)

  • Resource: Engineering and Technology for a Sustainable World: (ISSN: 1076-3333) Journal published monthly by the American Society of Agricultural Engineers in St. Josephs, MI. Index available 1996-present, full-text available 1997-present.
"A monthly publication...that focuses on trends in sustainable technology for the agriculture industry. Presents short, broad interest articles highlighting engineering progress in agriculture, food, biotechnology, aquaculture, forestry, machinery, and soil and water. Includes ASABE member news, an events calendar, and employment opportunities." (General OneFile)

  • Progress in Industrial Ecology: (ISSN: 1476-8917) Peer-reviewed journal published bi-monthly by Inderscience Publishers, Ltd. in the UK. Index available 2004-present. Some full-text articles available.
"The objective of PIE is to bridge material and energy flow analysis to business studies, management and organisational studies and to corporate environmental management. In this way, our objective is to contribute to the ecological, but also to the social and economic dimensions, of sustainable development. While the approach of PIE in combining engineering and natural science orientated methods with social science or business economics methods is a novel and fresh contribution to the theory of industrial ecology, the journal also sees this bridge as the critical step that must be taken to turn industrial ecology theory into industrial ecology practice." (Publisher's website: