ACORNweb has several books on CD, as well as a couple of motion pictures related to sustainable agriculture practices. Annotations for materials appearing in print can be found on the Books page.

  • Evans, G. (Producer). Broken limbs. Apples, agriculture, and the new American farmer [Documentary Film]. United States: Bullfrog Films. DVD DOCS BROKEN].
"Filmmaker Guy Evans looks at the plight of apple farmers in his hometown of Wenatchee, Washington. Using his father Danny's business as an example, he describes how apple farming used to be, what it has become and what changes are needed for it to succeed in the future." (ACORNweb)

  • Kingsolver, B. Animal, vegetable, miracle. A year of food life. [Audiobook]. Blackstone Audiobooks. [CD 641.0973 KINGS].
"When Kingsolver and her family move from suburban Arizona to rural Appalachia, they take on a new challenge: to spend a year on a locally produced diet, paying close attention to the provenance of all they consume. "Our highest shopping goal was to get our food from so close to home, we'd know the person who grew it. Often that turned out to be ourselves as we learned to produce what we needed, starting with dirt, seeds, and enough knowledge to muddle through. Or starting with baby animals, and enough sense to refrain from naming them." (ACORNweb)

  • McLaren, M. (Producer), and Linklater, R (Director). (2006). Fast food nation [Motion picture]. United States: Fox Searchlight Pictures.[DVD DRAMA FASTF].
"When a marketing executive for a huge burger chain finds a nasty secret ingredient in their burger recipe, he goes to the ranches and slaughterhouses of Colorado to investigate and finds that the truth is sometimes difficult to swallow." (ACORNweb)

  • Pollan, M. (2007). In defense of food: an eater's manifesto. [Audiobook]. OverDrive Audiobooks. [CD 613.2 POLLA].
See "Books" page.

  • Pollan, M. (2007). The omnivore‚Äôs dilemma: a natural history of four meals.[Audiobook]. OverDrive Audiobooks. [CD 394.12 POLLA].
See "Books" page.