This pathfinder has been developed as a resource for citizens in Arlington County, VA who want to learn more about sustainable agriculture and related subjects, such as the Slow Food movement. Selections were chosen based on scholarly research first and secondly on their relevance to users in the Chesapeake Bay region. All of the resources listed are available through the Arlington County Public Library network, which can be accessed online at

Key to Abbreviations

ACORNweb : The Arlington County Public Library Network

Subject Headings and Browsing Areas

Books were found under these subject headings:

Agricultural innovations
Animal welfare
Environmental aspects
Food habits
Food industry and trade
Food of animal origin
Food preferences
Food supply
Green revolution
Meat industry and trade
Nutrition policy
Popular works
Sustainable agriculture
Sustainable living

Performing searches:

Depending on the nature of the specific query, there are several keywords and phrases that yield search results. For examples, users more interested in learning about what allows a product to be labeled "fair trade" could try looking under "fair trade" AND "food," while persons more interested in finding sustainable farms in their area might try searching "Sustainable agriculture" AND "(city name)."

Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Food
Fair Trade AND agriculture
Fair Trade AND food
Sustainable Development
Slow Food
Slow Food movement

Navigating the Wiki

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